Zach Faddis

I don't think I'm a good driver, average at best.

I attribute never being in an accident mostly to my being cognizant of my own limitations.

If I was more confident in my driving abilities I think I would have been in an accident by now

@zacharius I'm a lousy driver now I think, since I basically don't drive. Wife does all the driving except like once a month when I drive just to stay in practice. Have had 2 serious and 2 parking lot fender-bender accidents in 20y. Approximately 1 every 5-6 years. Fortunately never been hurt. Totaled first car within months of buying it.

@zacharius Most people aren't good at driving, and it's fucked up that we expect everyone to do it.

@zacharius I'm very happy every time someone comes forward as an underconfident driver. We need more careful drivers like that.

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