Zach Faddis

Sorry for yesterday's outage everyone. Previously when I was making a change to the cron file I had mistakenly changed the cronjob that renews the ssl certificate so that it didn't run often enough. An expired ssl certificate is what caused the outage.

I enjoy the idea of running something that people rely on to communicate and I am equally ashamed when I disrupt that communication because of a small, silly mistake.

@zacharius In my experience, SSL renewal is way overrepresented among small mistakes that cause big outages. I’ve bungled it, and so have my bosses. You’re in good company =)

@zacharius No worries.
I have had my server that takes care of friends n' families websites go dark an embarrassingly large number of times. SSL has never been the culprit for me, but is a giant pain in the but for the one site I have that uses it.

Cronjobs, on the other hand, have been the culprit many times.

@zacharius When I saw the site was down, I figured it was probably something like that. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

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