Have been playing around with smart contracts lately and I had the thought that in a world where major life decisions and purchases are mediated through smart contracts and consensus networks, we'll need something more substantial than a button press.

Signing documents has a certain amount of emotional weight and ceremony to it that clicking a button does not.

People are much less likely to sign away their property than they are to mistakenly click it away.


Github requires you to spell out a repos name before deleting it, this makes mistakenly deleting repos rather unlikely.

What other methods are currently employed to give digital actions more pomp and circumstance?


Maybe if you had a key that you only used for special, high priority actions

@zacharius Actually, it's a bad idea in case you lose it, I think anything life changing should be done IRL in pen+paper, or by some form of electronic ID that you'd have to scan and enter a pin? Probably infringes on privacy though and not everyone would like that. I'm not sure, it's a tough one. Maybe for big choices there should be a cooldown period before everything is finalised and confirmed.

@zacharius mailchimp makes you type DELETE for deleting a list I think

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