Recently spent a weekend camping with a group of friends I mostly hadnt seen since college. They were all generally outdoorsy, blue collar type folks. I was the only person there that worked in tech, to my knowledge at least.

I was surprised and slightly horrified to learn that about half of them were working below the API in some form or another.


Most people here have a general understanding that software is eating the world. But there is a difference between knowing something intellectually and being struck in the face by it.

When a significant fraction of a group of people you care about are a part of an economic category which didn't exist 5 years ago and which our current legal fictions do not offer adequate protections for. Feels like the future slammed into me all at once, as a normalcy bubble built out of my, mostly, automation proof life popped.

@zacharius did you unveil to them their relationship with "the API"? I frankly dunno if its cruel to do so.

If you did, what was their reaction?

No, our time was limited and I didn't want to spend it dwelling on how shitty their jobs were

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