For a while now, the role of narrative has loomed ever larger in my mind as a primary mover in the trajectory of individuals and cultures. But for some reason I had not connected this to the idea of representation, which tbh I have held some disdain for.

My previously long held belief was that you should treat all your dealings with humans as if the world was a pure meritocracy, ignoring artificially constructed barriers.


And that through this mindset power and privilege would disseminate in a sort of cultural osmosis.

This worldview assumes that concepts like race aren't real because they exist only in our collective imagination, and not on any material plan. That like ghosts they can be banished if only we close our eyes hard enough and remember they don't exist.

Racism is not a ghost but a god, the embodiment of a narrative. You do not fight gods with ambivalence or apathy, but by constructing new ones to fight the old.

I see increasing representation in society as a means of providing new narratives which people can use to fight the toxic ones they've been implanted with and through this struggle empower themselves.

Wokeish perhaps lol. Pretty sure I still hold a lot of beliefs that people who describe themselves as woke would balk at.

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