There is something about writing the statement 'import time' that makes me feel supremely powerful.

Thousands of programmers have spent countless hours abstracting the complexities of time such that now I can just import a library and leverage all of their hard work for myself with little understanding.

I am truly a blind, idiot god. Feel the power of my ignorance!

@BruceJia I think that extra national organizations will increasingly be the way we organize ourselves going forward. There are already many corporations that wield as much power as nations, albeit a softer, less monopoly of violence kind of power.

The world I'm imagining is largely borrowed from Bruce Sterling's Islands In The Net.

Kinda sucks that we get to pilot mechs but they're only made of unreliable wet meat. Terrible biotech.

Im curious about the mental math startups do when they decide to base themselves out of an insanely hcol area like SanFran.

Are the connections/talent located there really worth the price tag?

Is there a price point that might be reached in the near future at which you would see yourself leaving?

Would love any insight you have to offer.


side note: waldenponding is definitely one of those articles that I didnt think much on when i read it but has been inconspicuously living in the back of my brain and subtly changing the lens through which I think ever since

Kudos @vgr

I was in an accident that left my car totaled less than a month ago and I have no plans on buying a new one for atleast a couple months.

Between my bike, public transit, and ridesharing, I can get anywhere in the area almost as fast, have more fun doing so, and am spending considerably less money. Only downside is its much harder to travel long distance or do outdoor activities like camping. I need to do research on the cost of renting cars for short amounts of time to fil that gap

Bikelife on the otherhand is definitely more scalable and easily adopted by the average person. If you live in a city with the infrastructure and live close enough to work, it is surprisingly easy to adopt.


I have a friend who is living out of a van in california. I helped him build some of it while he was in Austin.

I love the freedom van life affords you and it is totally doable in an urban setting with plenty of communal facilities like gyms for showering and cafes/wework for wifi/job. I may try it at some point.

Not convinced that it is an environmentally conscious or scalable way for a society to live though.

This is the first year that Im going to be living in Austin for SXSW and Im trying to do as much free shit as possible.

I have a long list of possible events I can share with you if you want

@strangeattractor @benhamill
It means your relationship to technology has been reversed. That you now execute processes at the behest of a computer instead of the other way around

No, our time was limited and I didn't want to spend it dwelling on how shitty their jobs were

When a significant fraction of a group of people you care about are a part of an economic category which didn't exist 5 years ago and which our current legal fictions do not offer adequate protections for. Feels like the future slammed into me all at once, as a normalcy bubble built out of my, mostly, automation proof life popped.

Most people here have a general understanding that software is eating the world. But there is a difference between knowing something intellectually and being struck in the face by it.

Recently spent a weekend camping with a group of friends I mostly hadnt seen since college. They were all generally outdoorsy, blue collar type folks. I was the only person there that worked in tech, to my knowledge at least.

I was surprised and slightly horrified to learn that about half of them were working below the API in some form or another.

Stoicism currently occupies a low place in the cultural zeitgeist at the moment because a bastardized strain of it has gone from emotional robustness to emotional denial.

This development is largely as good one, as a course correction is in order. Though hopefully it wont take long for stoicism to no longer be associated with ideas around toxic masculinity.

stoicism is a much richer and more nuanced philosophy than that. It's about not letting external circumstances interfere with your internal emotional state, and a lot of other things.

I see a lot of parallels between Stoicism and Buddhism, though I'm not educated enough on either philosophies to say too much on that subject.

ya, it was the ssl certificate. To be more specific though Let's Encrypt, the Certificate Authority I use, was phasing out the kind of certificate this website was using and the switch required a little manual effort. I got an email about it a while back but completely forgot about it.

I've been busy with job and personal life, sorry y'all!

@dschorno anything in particular happen? Interesting story?

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