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If you find yourself in a chicken/egg problem, you'd likely benefit by reframing it into a postive/negative feedback loop problem

Spray painted my new bike frame and replaced the regulator and glass on the front passenger door.

It was a good day and I'm quickly recovering from a terrible week.

Imagine a football game, but where both teams had to pretend that they were not moving the ball towards their goal line and instead had to convince everyone that the rules of play as well as the will of the spectators inevitably led to the ball ending in their goal zone. And that any other outcome indicated obstructionism and conspiracy

Recently got into an accident which left my bike's frame structurally unsound and am about to begin the process of building a new bike with a new frame/fork and canaballized parts from my old bike.

Trying to figure out a name for my new creation. Thinking of female names that start with Z. Current top candidates are Zelda and Zanthium.

Any recommendations welcome

"guess you didn't know it but i'm a big investor too; if you care to take a dare i will make a bet with you. you pitch a pretty evil startup son but give the devil his due. i bet a billion dollars against your stock i think i'm worse than you."

boy said, "my name's trevor and it might make me rich, so i'll take your bet and you're gonna regret i'm the worst that's ever been"

devil went down to SF, looking for a soul to steal. he was in a bind because he was way behind, so he was willing to make a deal;
when he came across this young man selling a bad idea and hawking it hot. and the devil jumps up with a rambling TED talk and says, "boy lemme tell you what"

I bet you didn't know it, but I'm a gourmand juicer, too, and if you'd care to get a share, I'll make a bet with you. Now you make a pretty tasty juice, boy, but give the Devil his due. I'll bet a squeezer of gold against your soul cause I think packets are better than you.

The boy said my name's Johnny and while I'm no VC, I can smell your tech and you're gonna regret cause no one wants a juice machine.

I was riding my steel horse today when we were accosted by a vengeful nail, though I don't know what I did to incite its ire. The blow was far from mortal, but it was enough to deflate my companion's ego as well its innertube.

idea: A tinder like matching service for people who want to have strictly legal marriages for the tax(and possibly migration) benefits.

Also think you might be able to do something similar for a pool of contractors who want to wash their income through a corporation for tax purposes, better bargaining position for health care plan, as well as something of a safety net.

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It still offends me. A lot. That everybody still has phone numbers. And for more than just interfacing with legacy POTS land lines. It bugs me that a mobile phone isn't a mobile computer with a world-routable IPv6 address and that voice communication isn't just a special case application that runs on top of this.

It's even more annoying that programs that run over IP and don't use the non-IP parts of the mobile network still insist you have a 'phone number'.

Lately Ive had several recruiters/potential employers ask me If I have a linkedin. Something about that platform unnerves me.

A place where you're intended to mask all parts of yourself that make you less palatable to companies.

Its not like we don't already present different versions of ourselves to differing social groups, on and offline, already.

Maybe the only difference is that elsewhere I'm creating a version of myself I like more, whereas there i'm creating a version i like less

Going back to Twitter I now see the concept of "going viral" as what it actually is, a weird and unhealthy obsession actively encouraged by platforms through the frustratingly mysterious black box of their algorithims. And it's not like this is accidental either, this is gradual and deliberate social engineering on behalf of large corporations that transforms normal reasonable people into obsessive, dysfunctional content farms. We were never the consumer. We were the product.

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Most days I have a mental barrier to cross before I can get any meaningful work done. It is as if I need daily reminding that I am a creature capable of problem solving and complex thought. Once I get the ball rolling things become much easier. This may be indicative of a self confidence problem.

In other news my blog now has an rss feed. Now I just need to make some content. My goal is >= 1 post/fortnight

Other than the financial and social commitment, I dont see much value in having a trainer that goes to every workout with you, which seems to be the model used by all the mega gyms.

It would be much more effective to have someone that met you initially to establish goals, plan, and teach proper form. And then worked out with you on a monthy or bi-monthly basis to review progress and check form.

Thats something I might be willing to pay for, when I have money that is.

thoughts @msweet?

Seen on Reddit: r/Linux "which sea of Linux do you belong to?" :)

one liner to find number of 'real' , uniqe visitors to your site, in case anyone is interested.

grep 1/Sep/2018 apache2/access.log | awk '($9 ~ /200/) ' | awk -F\" '($6 !~ /bot|Bot|spider/)' | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq | wc | awk '{print $1}'

replace with desired date and your log file of course

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