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My previously long held belief was that you should treat all your dealings with humans as if the world was a pure meritocracy, ignoring artificially constructed barriers.

For a while now, the role of narrative has loomed ever larger in my mind as a primary mover in the trajectory of individuals and cultures. But for some reason I had not connected this to the idea of representation, which tbh I have held some disdain for.

The solution to the problem riparian cities didn't know they had.

I deleted an account yesterday, @bonk2, after someone reported it to me. Seemed to be a bot made from someone in the gab crowd posting spam. If y'all see any suspicious new accounts be sure to report it or just @ me .

The account had two posts. One was a meme that obvious racial connotations that I didn't quite grok. The other was a link to a website about why men should never marry woman and @'d a bunch of accounts from a gab instance.

I didn't realize retweeting on Twitter would retoot on masto. I like this feature


For some reason this idea is blowing my mind rn:

People can be roughly fungible, but relationships aren’t fungible.

‘If I didn’t have you, somebody else would do’ (thanks Tim Minchin!) But once I have you, and spend 10 years building a relationship, someone else will not do.


Such is the wisdom of Anki. To build a local(first brain) cache for info we want retrieved without having to query the second. To better induce and invite a state of flow.

You second brain fools want the first brain only for processing and the second for storage. But I ask you, what would a computer be without caches? With no way to quickly retrieve often used and prioritiesed information.

These consumer unions would collectively negotiate prices, act as industry watchdogs, and orchestrate class action lawsuits. If the gov is no longer interested in protecting consumers or preventing oligopolies, this may be our next best option.

Coworker of mine recently told me of a business idea he briefly entertained where he would deal with telecom companies on behalf of clients. This has led to me imagining the potential benefits of consumer unions across many industries.

There is something about writing the statement 'import time' that makes me feel supremely powerful.

Thousands of programmers have spent countless hours abstracting the complexities of time such that now I can just import a library and leverage all of their hard work for myself with little understanding.

I am truly a blind, idiot god. Feel the power of my ignorance!

Kinda sucks that we get to pilot mechs but they're only made of unreliable wet meat. Terrible biotech.

When a significant fraction of a group of people you care about are a part of an economic category which didn't exist 5 years ago and which our current legal fictions do not offer adequate protections for. Feels like the future slammed into me all at once, as a normalcy bubble built out of my, mostly, automation proof life popped.

Most people here have a general understanding that software is eating the world. But there is a difference between knowing something intellectually and being struck in the face by it.

Recently spent a weekend camping with a group of friends I mostly hadnt seen since college. They were all generally outdoorsy, blue collar type folks. I was the only person there that worked in tech, to my knowledge at least.

I was surprised and slightly horrified to learn that about half of them were working below the API in some form or another.

I think the lesson here for me is that not every convo is for learning or novelty. Sometimes its just about slowly building connections and relationships, laying another social brick. Especially with new relationships, often the convo will be simple.

There's a girl at my gym that comes at about the same time as me and everyone seems to know her. I admire and envy the little community of friends she has built around her daily gym routine. On the other hand a lot of the small talk she has seems banal to me.

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