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Saw "disagreement" and thought, "Whoa, what about 'misagreement' that could be cool."

Maybe like when people have those arguments where they're really just getting mad about semantics?

If so, a lotta my econ discussions ended in both parties agreeing to misagree.

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@adrianmryan @moltensteel

For a standard US 120 semester hour degree, the major component only averages to 40 semester hours, often less.

40 semester hours in theory means... 15 week semester * 40 hours of instruction, plus in theory (but not in practice) another 40 - 80 hours per week of self study.

So I think you pretty much hit it on the head: if you already have a college degree, sure, you should be able to learn the major content for a whole other "major" in 3-4 months.

Who are some philosophers with competing theories to Girard?

What's the best EPUB to PDF renderer out there? Have been using Calibre, but the occasional formatting bugs are annoying.

That ARKit LEGO demo from WWDC was insane.

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This feels like I reentered the old internet in a new era.

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If programming has a signature occupational disease, it's not carpal tunnel or social awkwardness. It's our uncritical belief that building complex systems automatically entitles us to also understand them.

Semi-disillusioned reluctant non-profit founder trying to figure out how to build an org w/o losing all integrity and sense of identity.

Wannabe rationalist, refactorer, and avid reader. Reality is too much mindless time spent on the internet.

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