"Shit is Fucked, What Can We Do? : Mutual Aid Projects"

found this video very inspiring, especially the underlying ethos of "government/corporations are hostile and/or irrelevant, they're not gonna help us, we have to help each other"

What is mutual aid, but the foundation of a functional society? Why wait around for our dysfunctional society to collapse when we can start building new, functional ones, locally, ground-up, inside it, right now?

@nindokag Not arguing against this, but isn't it essentially local level secession?


@machado @nindokag I'd say the difference is with which problems you tackle first. Secession usually goes legal changes -> material changes, mutual aid goes material changes -> legal changes.

@KingMob @machado I don't want to secede from the United States. Not a fight I would want to pick. Nation-states have armies and tend to shoot you if you directly challenge their authority.

I'd think of it as more like: work to improve things orthogonally to the machinery of the state. Work inside or outside its systems, strategically, on a case-by-case basis.

kind of like the Sunrise Movement's idea of "No permanent friends, no permanent enemies":

@KingMob @machado also I like the emphasis on finding somebody in need and helping them out, as opposed to ideology, symbolism, or debate.

"the government isn't gonna help us, government is the problem, we must be self-sufficient" sounds very Libertarian when i put it that way. But I never heard a libertarian say "Therefore, let's build an aid network for people getting out of prison" it was always abstract purity debates (and defending no-taxes-for-billionaires). So I gave up on libertarians.

@nindokag @KingMob
I'm overall still inclined to file this under de facto secession, but I agree that lack of intent to secede de jure is an important factor.

I'm not looking at this as a live political issue (too far away from my life). I'm trying to compare with present and historical cases of weakening of central authority and creation of parallel societies.

@nindokag @KingMob (And yes, I think this kind of stuff might be a prelude to a "fall of the USSR" kind of clusterfuck)

@nindokag There is also the real issue of whether the material failing is not just a matter of neglect but intentional harm.

In those cases, if the network is too successful, the government seeks to destroy it just as much as secession (see: Black Panthers' food program, the airbombing of Tulsa, the multiple expulsions of Chinese or Mexicans).

Not that I don't think mutual aid networks aren't a GREAT step, just they are really only a half step from being targeted as well.

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