Non-binary friends and users of the singular they pronoun, I address you!

How do we feel about the following idea?

Conjugate the singular they the same way as he/she rather than the plural they.

I/we/they(plural) walk the dog.

He/she/they(singular) walks the dog.

So, we would have a non-gendered pronoun AND a plural pronoun that are differentiated by their conjugation rather than context clues.


- sounds a bit weird, additional pattern to learn

- "they" becomes grammatically equivalent to a gendered pronoun

- Clears up arguing over whether we've "always had" singular they or not. Makes the case that this is a new and better way to do it.

"They is". It's the way things should be, look in your heart, you know it to be true...

@KingMob I propose throwing away all single pronouns for make become glorious socialist future.

We/you/they is
We/you/they are

Optional: pluralize by adding"all"
We all/y'all/they all

@KingMob The royal we becomes the people's we. Suck it, queen.

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