The purpose of my teacher’s seminar:

- keep up the illusion that teachers are qualified

- protection for the education system à la we told them what to do

Seminar day is the only day I regularly rely on caffeine, nicotine and in some cases pseudo-ephedrine and aspirin

@MrWanda Do you happen to have an elaborate crackpot manifesto up your sleeve about how to rebuild the education system from the ground up, that you could possibly share with us?

I‘m unable to work it into a consistent system. Random thoughts for improvement:

- smaller classes
- more freedom for students and teachers regarding curriculum
- less standardization
- teaching more social skills
- increase self reflection of students
- more non formal methods (acting etc.)
- more meaning, maybe even spirituality
- less grading

Most of this would make the education system less legible, but it would also make it more of an educational system.

@MrWanda @Bert As a high school teacher, most of the reforms I have in mind are along these lines. But I've also come to realise that the spectrum runs like


The more it looks like a system, especially at scale, the less it looks like education.


@MrWanda @Bert

As one goes left:
- More "personalised"
- More resources per student
- Lower legibility of outcomes (less "accountability")

As one goes right:
- More "standardised"
- More resources overall (mostly state-sponsored)
- Higher legibility of outcomes (more "accountability")

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