Daughter has reached the age of asking "why?" to everything.

"hold on to that cup with both hands"
"i don't want you to drop it"
"It's made of glass, and if you drop a glass thing it can break"
"because glass is brittle"
"because supercooling molten silicon dioxide makes an amorphous solid which is weaker than the crystalline form"
"the crystalline form has a tetrahedral lattice of ionic bonds"
"because one silicon atom can bind with four oxygen"


@ferds I never want to discourage her from asking "why", so I will keep answering "why" questions all day or until I get to "i don't know", rather than imply she should stop.

@nindokag @ferds That is awesome! I hope she will be a scientist when she's an adult.

@nindokag This is really a great mindset to have and is huge benefit to your daughter. Sounds like she is already thinking like a true Scientist :)

@nindokag @ferds

They all do this at some point.

A few go-rounds of answers, by the time I get to rayleigh scattering for blue sky questions, they aren't listening anyhow, only playing, and the answer becomes smiling something like "Because I say so. Now, would /rather/ drink your milk properly with both hands OR go sit on the stairs? Which would you like to do more?"
Just make the proposal matter-of-factly and the child will consider calmly.
Pout. Depends on the day :-)
Not my 1st rodeo

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