Exceedingly rare to find a talk about programming that draws on both Christopher Alexander and James C. Scott, two authors that I keep coming back to myself.

Even better that it uses them to explain why the Design Patterns failed, something that I also feeled but couldn't really put my finger on—I always thought this is just a silly thing that Java people do—and how they could be better.



@alper It sounds like the book failed to identify real software design patterns that are in use. I'm not a computer person, but I would imagine these are things like library, table, menu, archive, etc.

I'm just getting around to reading Christopher Alexander for the first time, so this kind of thing has been on my mind.

@rustyswarf He says that something like table wouldn't be a pattern just like function wouldn't be but…

@rustyswarf Something like ‘property accessors for dataclasses’ would be a pattern and of those kind of object-in-a-situated-place you could draft dozens of maybe even into a coherent pattern language for a given programming language/paradigm.

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