Prediction: snakes are gonna become a problem in europe in about a decade


@machado I'd love to hear the thought process behind this.

Are there poisonous snakes native to Europe?

@rustyswarf A few species of viper, mostly in southern europe. Fatalities are rare.

However, with milder winters, and overall hotter climate, snakes will be able to spread north. Plus, forest fires are messing up the food chains. Predators move closer to human populations to feed on garbage, and the rodent population explodes unchecked when the vegetation recovers.

Snakes can spread north, and then follow the garbage scavengers closer to the cities.

@rustyswarf More likely, closer to towns rather than cities. What can make this a problem is availability of antivenom.

In Portugal, there's been a bit of an issue this year because the snake inhabited areas are poor and sparsely populated, and the snakes have been moving closer to people to follow the trash eating rodents. But due to the sparse population, those areas lack resources to provide emergency treatment for snake bites.

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