They took down the redwood tree. I counted the rings. It was 45 years old. Checks out -- that's about when this housing complex was built).

I asked if they could save me some pieces of log. It's good wood! Shame to just put it all in the chipper. The chainsaw guys said "sure why not".

I have a crazy idea to try to make a taiko drum out of it. Initial research suggests the first step is drying the wood, which will take... um... several years. OK. So this is a long-term plan.


@nindokag I'd consider boring out the center before it dries. A round of wood will split while drying, leaving a cross section that looks like a 98% full pie chart. That split will be a problem for you.

If you intend to make a cylindrical drum roughly the diameter of the original piece, cut out the center leaving a ~4" thick ring on the outside.

The wood may be more forgiving to shape while it is still wet.

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