What do you use in Org-mode? A single file for everything or multiple files? Why?

@ye I used to use multiple files, but these days I just have two, one for work and the other for everything else. Both documents have the same top-level structure, and *everything* goes in them... Notes, journals, longer-form writing, blog posts (ox-hugo FTW!) and of course various todos. I use split views to pull up different sections of the same document simultaneously, and only unfold things as needed.

Basically, I treat my org-mode files like Workflowy documents.

Mostly I do this because I find it easier to move around a single file, and Emacs' performance is good even when the files are large (both are approaching 1MB in size). I'd probably just keep a single document, except that I'm pretty into the whole work-life-separation thing, and having two documents let's me step away from work fully when I'm not on the clock.

I do keep two archive files (again work + everything else) where I move old todos, dead notes, etc. once a month, just to keep things neat. I do this by hand, as I couldn't get org-mode's built-in archiving configured to my satisfaction. Some day I'll turn back to that and figure out how to make it work the way *I* want, but for now that's not a high priority for me.

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