- Industrial-age was about maximizing profit
- Web-age was about maximizing reach

First, agree/disagree?

Then, what will the decentralized-age (preferred term over crypto or blockchain) be about?

@ykgoon Not sure "reach" is the right term there. Maybe needs an operational definition?

@jamescgibson in my mind, the more people you reach the more value people assign to you.

Alternative word may be "impact".

@jamescgibson on second thought, "adoption" may be a better word.

1- The web-age still seems to be quite heavily about profit.

2- Profit is usually about accumulating fungible liquid power.

3- I'm still not sold on the idea of a decentralized age.

@machado web age does not discard profit, but it's treated as a second order effect. I include Uber here.

Decentralized age is speculation on my part. But if it pans out, what quality would people assign value to?

@ykgoon Probably comfort. Decentralization tends to be confusing and occasionally terrifying, with lessened ability to make long term plans for most people. The kind of environment that, on a developmental level, enforces thinking small (because the big picture is just noise). Domestic cozy seems like the most likely cultural outcome.

@ykgoon agree though I would call it "engagement" rather than reach.

I don't think you are cutting your ages at the right points thought... and I totally don't think we will have a crypto / block chain / decentralized age.

crypto currency is a really good and useful new thing... but it's also a sort of small incremental improvement that mostly helps prevent bad failure modes.

best guess is next age is AI, and will be about finding super effective natural world niches

@Harry_Pottash if your future pans out, it might end up being called the jobless age.

That's a half joke 😀

@ykgoon I mean, I do think that's worth thinking about. also what that means in terms of violence and coercion

@ykgoon what years are you thinking of? I've traced most of modern marketing all the way back to the 1850s. Seems to go hand in hand with capitalism and the spread of European monarchy.

Technically speaking, it traces back to the 1760's ala Josiah Wedgewood and the two (reach+profit) are tied to the hip.

@ultimape I dunno. What I'm trying though is to speculate the change in value system should decentralized age becomes a thing.

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