"What's you favorite color?" is a false question in a bad way.

It assumes the necessity to pick a favorite RGB combo among the light spectrum when there's no need for preference.

Now replace "color" in the question with anything in nature. Same principle applies.

@ykgoon I'm assuming that

1) If they're shopping for gifts I probably want them in black
2) If they ask "why" I can say "because that's no color" and stun them long enough to escape
3) Black is always an option


@kureshii there's good choice. Black is my go to color if I do have to pick. Does that make it a favorite now? I dunno.

@ykgoon I try not to get too philosophical about “favourites”. I just think of it as goto defaults for different contexts and scopes.

Favourite fruit? Grape. If Southeast Asia, pomelos. If Japan, yuzu.

Favourite colour? Black. Oh, for something small and personal? Blue. Something generic where black won't do? Blue.

Takeaway? Char siew rice. Not available? Wanton noodles.

People seem to generally assume you want your favorite thing ALL THE TIME so it had better be something I don't mind.

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