Oh geez no, I thought firing John Bolton meant trump had decided to focus on the rest of his evil plots and leave Iran alone for a while

But no, he'll never pass up an opportunity to cause needless death and suffering.

Trump just committed terrorism. There's no question we'd call this act terrorism if done to us or our allies.

Who benefits from the US starting a war with Iran?

What rough beast, its hour come round at last, shuffles off towards Bethlehem to be born?


@nindokag timing is about right for him to start a war in time for election. Also the benefit of wagging the dog.



@nindokag of all the people to pick a fight with, Iran feels the least damaging.


@ykgoon Yeah 🤮

Remember when trump fans tried to tell us he was the anti-war candidate, because "America first" meant staying out of the Middle East?

You'd think he'd lose some votes from those people for doing a policy 180, but I doubt he'll lose a single one -- trump voters seem to be very flexible with modifying their own morals to match whatever their Dear Leader says is good today. Seems to be a major feature of the psychology of authoritarian followers.

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