I've been asking friends what they think are the biggest problems worth solving. It feels like overwhelming proposition, and no one gave the same answer.

Which leads me to the meta problem. To even agree on the biggest problem, we first need a similar mental map of truth (not Truth).

So it looks like the biggest meta-problem is for everybody to reach consensus on what are facts.

Perhaps reality bubbles were always the norm. Civilizations never had a consensus of facts until globalization in the last few decades.

@ykgoon Honestly, having a wide consensus and a civilization wide mission is, historically, something that correlates with imperialism, religious zealotry, and war.

Most people would focus on a local consensus, within which they form coalitions and compete, with no concern for larger scale issues. It's still very common now, because most people don't care about the news, or have the resources to act non-locally.

@ykgoon There's a big class element to all this, too. But for most people, the biggest problems worth solving are their own personal problems, and I think they are right.

@machado if only most of them admit to that. I know too many who make a sport of blaming politics to cover that fact.

@ykgoon Yes, there's a lot of "national/global politics as personal rationalization" happening. But how much seems to depend on the local culture. Also, a lot of activist communities are really just a coalition for resource acquisition. Low ranking members orbit around higher status people who control resources and compete for a slice. A small vanguard of the larger movement coordinates the smaller groups into acquiring more resource nodes.

@ykgoon I'm not even going into online activism because that's an entire clusterfuck of elite backed manipulators, predatory abusers, petty trolls, and well meaning people getting onboarded into cult behaviour and taken advantage of.

@ykgoon So really, there's many flavours of the "blame politics" stance.

One's an excuse for inaction. Another is an excuse for sadistic behaviour under the banner of total political war. And yet another is just tribal theater to give legitimacy to resource-focused coalition games.

@machado @ykgoon My normie mother argues that the virus spread in the US because of "excessive politicizing of the virus" AND that the US needs "unity and civility". The problem is that people overreact to politics when it's been the historic norm for heated shit (current online manipulation nonwitstanding) and the only reason the Establishment consensus in the US stood was because the Cold War and large corporations working with the govt to establish managerialism with all that entailed.

@machado @ykgoon Not to cast the "natives" as the victims either. They undertook actions to insularize themselves when the outside world came in by net or by migrant. It's like cowboys vs one tribe of Indians vs another tribe.

@machado @ykgoon the consensus as cowboys and negatively affected people as Indians

@ykgoon Those foreign facts were simply known as myths back then

@kureshii maybe cable news should be rightfully called cable myths.

It gives us the illusion of knowing what is going on in the world. But it's really only a few steps better than rumor mills.

@ykgoon perhaps you’re asking the wrong question. Even if everyone agreed on the biggest, would it even be your kind or problem to solve? Try asking people “what are your biggest problems that are outside your area of expertise to solve“? Then pick from the menu. Even if you can’t solve anything you might do the world good by connecting problems to solvers.

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